Paul L. Caron

Monday, March 9, 2015

Symposium on The Role of the Associate Dean for Research

Symposium, Perspectives From an Associate Dean: Scholarship and School Visibility, 31 Touro L. Rev. 15-74 (2015):

Patricia Salkin (Dean, Touro), Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship Symposium Offers Perspectives on Engaged Scholarship and the Changing Definition of Scholarly Work:

A theme running through the five essays is not only the balancing of resources in legal education to continue to promote scholarship for a multitude of reasons, but the broadening of the definition of what constitutes appropriate and desirable scholarship, engaged scholarship with a purpose, and broadening the community of scholars as well as the audience to receive the work.  This broadening can enhance a school’s visibility and impact – and not simply inside the academy.

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