Paul L. Caron

Monday, March 23, 2015

Goldburn Maynard Accepts Tenure-Track Tax Position at Louisville, Wins Emerging Scholar Award

MaynardGoldburn P. Maynard Jr. (Visiting Assistant Professor, Florida State), has accepted a tenure track tax position at Louisville.  He received the Emerging Scholar Award of Volume 92 of the Denver University Law Review for his article, Addressing Wealth Disparities: Reimagining Wealth Taxation as a Tool for Building Wealth, 92 Denv. U. L. Rev. ___ (2014):

In the past three decades, research has indicated that the building of assets can have a sustainable impact on well-being. Yet to the extent that the tax system has incorporated this insight, it has been done in a piecemeal, ad hoc fashion, disproportionately benefiting those with wealth and further reinforcing wealth inequality. This paper argues that while reducing wealth concentrations is important, there should be an increased emphasis on how our tax system can build wealth or, put differently, level up. While the problem of wealth disparities may be too large for any one part of the federal policy toolkit to solve, I argue that the tax system can and should play a vital role.

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