Paul L. Caron

Friday, February 13, 2015

William Mitchell and Hamline Law Schools to Merge Amidst Enrollment Declines

MitchellWilliam Mitchell College of Law and Hamline University School of Law have signed a merger agreement to create Mitchell|Hamline School of Law, which will be located primarily on William Mitchell’s existing campus.

Press and blogosphere coverage:

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Great! One hopes to see similar consolidations in other markets with an excess of legal education providers, rather than schools continuing the self-serving fight to remain open by accepting more and more poorly qualified students, and finding alternative avenues to the student loan spigot by offering new funky types of degrees...

Posted by: Anon | Feb 13, 2015 3:36:33 PM

1 down. 100 to go.

Posted by: Walter Sobchak | Feb 13, 2015 2:53:47 PM

In 2013-14, Hamline had 439 students, while William Mitchell had 809. Total: 1,248.

The article notes that the new school will have "around 900" students. Does anyone know how that compares to the current, 2015-16 student levels for both schools?

Posted by: anon | Feb 13, 2015 11:57:22 AM