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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dan Markel's Death Remains a Mystery Seven Months After Shooting

MarkelTallahassee Democrat, Markel's Death Remains a Mystery:

Seven months after someone shot Florida State law professor Dan Markel in the garage of his Betton Hills home, the Tallahassee Police Department has yet to make an arrest or identify a suspect.

It's frustrating to those who knew the 41-year-old father of two. His friends and neighbors worry that the trail has gone cold. But police say they are still working the case. ... Investigators still believe Markel was the "intended target" of whoever killed him, said TPD spokesman Officer David Northway. ...

Markel was shot July 18, a sunny Friday morning. ...  Markel later died at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. His death invoked remembrance ceremonies across the nation for the well-known legal scholar and Harvard graduate.

TPD's Northway said the case is still assigned to an investigator, who gets all the information as it comes in. That investigator is helped by two assistant investigators, who work on the case as needed. Northway stressed that Markel's death has not been labeled a cold case. A cold case, he said, is one that has gone dormant for at least a year.

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I think the circumstances lead to the conclusion that the perpetrator knew his victim very well and vice versa.

Posted by: teapartydoc | Feb 20, 2015 8:37:44 AM

Somehow, I doubt that the average time to name or catch a suspect in a murder case is seven months, even when "waiting for lab results" is part of the equation. Tallie PD appears to have no clue, and would rather prevaricate than say so. This is shameful on multiple levels. Broad daylight, middle of the day, neighbor might have seen the suspect's car, etc. C'mon now!

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Feb 20, 2015 8:09:39 AM

Lot of people are working at that time of day. All TPD admits is that there was a silver colored Prius seen driving away from the area in that time frame. The driver is a person of interest, but no one knows who that is.

As a side note, it took TPD 7 minutes to arrive, and the EMS crew 19 minutes.

Posted by: I R A Darth Aggie | Feb 20, 2015 8:04:40 AM

It is hard not to wonder where this would be if it were a more competent police force. I do not know but middle of the day and residential area and Nothing?

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Feb 20, 2015 7:54:04 AM