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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ABA 'Encourages' Law Schools to Offer Debt Counseling to Students

ABA Logo 2ABA Journal, Counsel Young Lawyers About Debt, ABA Policymakers Urge Law Schools and Bar Groups:

The ABA House of Delegates unanimously adopted a resolution on Monday urging law schools and bar associations to counsel young attorneys on student loan debt.

Resolution 106 urges law schools to provide “comprehensive debt counseling and debt management education” to law students, and urges bar associations to provide the same services to their young and newly admitted lawyers.

Chris Rogers of Texas, speaking in favor of the resolution, pointed to the dismal employment statistics young lawyers have confronted in recent years. The Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar reported in 2013 that 56.2 percent of law graduates held full-time, long-term jobs requiring a law degree, excluding jobs created by law schools. The advocacy group Law School Transparency put that number at 55.1 percent.

Greedy Associates, ABA 'Encourages' Law Schools to Offer Debt Counseling:

[C]uriously missing from the two-paragraph resolution is any serious discussion of employment statistics, law school prices, and the unwillingness of the ABA to do anything about these issues.

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Jesus, it's like those "Gamblers Anonymous" signs you see at casinos that are positioned so that only people leaving the casino will see them. Why do they even bother to put on the dog and pony show?

Posted by: BoredJD | Feb 12, 2015 7:58:21 AM

good job, good effort aba....just lol

Posted by: No, breh. | Feb 11, 2015 1:57:43 PM