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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The 25 Most Influential People in Legal Education


The Most Influential People in Legal Education (2014), The National Jurist (Jan. 2015):

Some of the most influential are also the most hated people in legal education. We name those who are Innovators, Intellectuals, Controversial and -- to be sure -- Loathed.

I am honored to be #6:

We used to think of people devoted to blogging as doing so sitting in their par­ents' basement, wearing a bath­ robe, unshaven, with empty Miller bottles next to them.

That is not Paul Caron, who is in the Intellectual category. He runs both the TaxProf Blog and The Law Professor Blog Network, where one can find just about everything hot and current about law at your fingertips. A column from The New York Times on a falling law school? He's got a link to it. An article on the downsizing of law schools and what it means? He links to it. A paper on the correlation and con­cordance between the CR.4 Index and the Herfindahl-Hirscham Index? Yep, you can find that there as well.

Caron, one of the leading tax scholars in the nation, makes the list for the first time thanks in part to the power of blog­ging, which has become a hot mechanism for debate and information sharing in the legal community. The Law Professor Blogs Network, which Caron owns, sponsors more than 40 blogs in an assortment of legal areas. More than 100 deans, professors and lawyers contribute.  

Here are the 10 Most Influential People in Legal Education:

  1. Bill Henderson (Professor, Indiana)
  2. Erwin Chemerinsky (Dean, UC-Irvine)
  3. Brian Leiter (Professor, Chicago)
  4. Martin Katz (Dean, Denver)
  5. David Yellen (Dean, Loyola-Chicago)
  6. Paul Caron (Professor, Pepperdine)
  7. Brian Tamanaha (Professor, Washington University)
  8. Kyle McEntee (Founder, Law School Transparency)
  9. Frank Wu (Dean, UC-Hastings)
  10. Blake Morant (Dean. George Washington)

Update:  ABA Journal, Indiana University Law Professor William Henderson Named 'Most Influential' Person in Legal Ed

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@ UN - Haha!

@ Mike - The impact of student debt on law students has a far greater real life impact than any legal scholarship or even any change in doctrinal law. Thus, it is the bigger story. If you want the focus to shift back to what you do, then start supporting reforms that solve attorney oversupply and student debt.

Posted by: JM | Jan 7, 2015 11:25:37 AM

I assume this list is the 25 people most responsible for the current state of legal education. uh, congrats, I guess.

Posted by: Hugh | Jan 7, 2015 9:18:15 AM


On the contrary, it shows the exact importance and relevance of legal scholarship on legal education...

Posted by: Unemployed Northeastern | Jan 7, 2015 8:04:13 AM

It's sad to see that so many of these people are bloggers, administrators, etc. rather than full-times scholars. Inevitable, but sad.

Posted by: mike livingston | Jan 7, 2015 4:20:26 AM