Paul L. Caron

Monday, January 5, 2015

NY Times Debate: Charity v. Socially Responsible Investment

NY Times Room for DebateNew York Times Room for Debate:  Charity vs. Socially Responsible Investment:

  • Scott Harrison (Charity: Water), The World Needs More Charity:  "There’s a great need for nonprofit organizations that seek to spread compassion and empathy, and offer people a way to give without getting anything in return."
  • Ana Oliveira (New York Women's Foundation), When Philanthropy Builds Community:  "Donors, community leaders, researchers, corporate partners and policy makers are all able tSonal Shah, Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovationo collaborate on solutions in pursuit of a shared goal."
  • Sonal Shah (Beeck Center for Social Impact & Innovation), Charity and Investment Should Work Together:  "Grants and charity are important in providing immediate basic services, but to promote long-term sustainability, market-based solutions can be more effective."
  • Darren Walker (Ford Foundation), Knowing When to Use the Right Approach:  "Socially responsible businesses and charities are only as effective as the women and men who use them."

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