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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Final Report Issued on $5.4 Million Forgivable Loan Program for University of Texas Law Profs

Texas LogoAustin American-Statesman, AG’s Office Wraps Up Investigation of Forgivable Loans at UT Law School:

Supplemental compensation from a foundation to University of Texas law professors lacked transparency and violated accountability standards and university rules, whether intentionally or as the product of negligence, according to a much-delayed report by the state attorney general’s office. ...

The report said there is no question that forgivable loans, second mortgages and housing allowances from the UT Law School Foundation helped place the school in a competitive position when it comes to recruiting and retaining faculty members.

“The failure to provide the UT System and Regents the full picture of compensation is subject to one of many narratives depending upon the source,” the report said. “Whether this failure was intentional or simply negligence, the Law School’s failure to follow University rules is also without question.”

The documents list forgivable loans to law faculty totaling $5.4 million:

  • Larry Sager: $500,000
  • Ronen Avraham: $420,000
  • Matt Spitzer: $350,000
  • Robert Bone: $300,000
  • Robert Chesney: $300,000
  • Derek Jinks:  $300,000
  • Dan Rodriguez: $300,000
  • Abraham Wickelgren: $300,000
  • David Adelman: $250,000
  • Oren Bracha: $250,000
  • Justin Driver: $250,000
  • Linda Mullenix: $250,000
  • Jane Stapleton:  $250,000
  • Gerald Torres: $250,000
  • Mitch Berman:  $200,000
  • Bernie Black:  $200,000
  • Ernie Young:  $200,000
  • Stephanie Lindquist:  $150,000
  • Bill Sage:  $150,000
  • Jens Dammann:  $100,000
  • James Spindler:  $100,000

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