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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Miami: The Cradle of TV Judges

Miami LogoMiami New Times Blog, University of Miami Is Tops in Churning Out TV Judges:

Just three years ago, mega-attorney Roy Black wrote in a candid blog post: "The UM Law School is in a death spiral; we have plummeted in the law school rankings, falling to 77th, while UF is 47 and FSU is 50. This is more than a little embarrassing."

[FIU is hot on our tail and at a cheaper price. So the question is, what do we do about it? In my opinion, it is time to question long-held beliefs about legal education. It maybe uncomfortable, but the winds of change are upon us. We either bend and survive or break and die.

My solution is to radically reform the curriculum. I suggest we become the MIT of litigation. After the first year of required courses, we create a program designed to intensely train trial lawyers. Not with the usual clinical courses, or useless apprenticeships, but with rigorous courses, taught by experienced professionals, using mock trials and moot courts, to teach students how to litigate. This will make the UM law degree more valuable in the marketplace. When a law firm needs young litigators, we will be the first place they look.]

[No other law school does this; it is time for a new brand at UM. We should advertise as the school to learn trials. The vision should be a school go-to for the finest litigation education and experience.]

Yes, the University of Miami law school is not held in the highest of regards.

But there is no denying that UM does something really, really well compared to all other programs: turning out graduates who go on to become TV judges. Seriously, the University of Miami has more alumni who have gone on to host their own daytime courtroom show than any other school. ... [C]onsidering that the Wikipedia category for television judges has only 23 entries, we figured that about 17 percent of prominent TV judges have a UM law degree. That's still a lot. Here's the rundown on the proud syndicate of UM's TV judges.

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Two observations are in order. UM has declined because it has lousy administrators way too far left who pander to idiots on the faculty and elsewhere. The judges you refer to make those in the know laugh. They are not to be taken seriously.

Posted by: Diogenes | Dec 1, 2014 6:09:26 AM