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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Federalist Society Panel: Is Higher Education Run for the Benefit of Students, Faculty or Administrators?

Federalist SocietyAt today's 2014 National Lawyers Convention: Millennials, Equity and the Rule of Law:

Showcase Panel III:  Higher Education: Run for the Benefit of Students or Faculty or Administrators?:

Success in today’s global economy virtually requires a college or post graduate degree, but colleges and law schools have raised tuition enormously. The government subsidizes students to take huge loans to pay for college and law schools, loans which inflict an increasing burden on students, including law students in a troubled economy. Do these loans pay as much for faculty research and administrators as for direct student education? Are faculties producing research that justifies these costs? Are students getting a good deal now? Could or will on line education provide students with similar education at a fraction of the cost? Is it time to ask some hard questions about higher education? Does education policy benefit average and below average students or does it merely benefit the top of the class? This panel will focus to a significant degree on law schools.

  • Paul F. Campos (Colorado)
  • Daniel Polsby (Dean, George Mason)
  • Richard Kent Vedder (Ohio University)
  • Thomas D. Morgan (George Washington) (moderator)

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No, education is now run for the benefit of the leftist idealogues who now control it. And all three of the groups this article cites are starting to suffer from this leftist stranglehold, since leftists screw up everything they touch.

Posted by: richard40 | Nov 18, 2014 11:23:56 AM


Posted by: mike livingston | Nov 17, 2014 4:32:21 AM

One class has increased far more in size and relative compensation than the other two: Administrators. Follow the money.

Posted by: Adjoran | Nov 16, 2014 9:25:06 PM

In the case of Dartmouth, it's run by a tiny group of investment bankers who control the executive committee of the Trustees. This group is self-perpetuating, and has been for decades. They select the rest of the Trustees (primarily rewarding high donors), including the so-called alumni trustees, and the president of the college. They hire and control the administration and the faculty. It's a hobby for them.

Posted by: KBK | Nov 16, 2014 10:55:40 AM

You're close Jeff. But, Higher Ed's real customers are other government agencies. Thus, it is not hard to predict this is not going to end well.

Posted by: Dale Spradling | Nov 16, 2014 8:14:00 AM

Way too easy. Like any industry, it has been captured by those regulated -- the professors, except the idea of faculty governance permits bypassing any kind of regulatory body.

Posted by: Jeff Harrison | Nov 15, 2014 2:25:43 PM

Only three choices? Perhaps higher education is on the way to being run for the benefit of the financial oligarchy?

Posted by: James Edward Maule | Nov 15, 2014 12:03:54 PM