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Monday, June 9, 2014

Treasury Department Employee Firing Rate Is 4th Lowest Among Federal Agencies

Cato Institute, Federal Firing Rate by Department:

Treasury - IRSThe VA scandal has prompted a debate about whether it should be easier to fire federal workers. I’ve argued that the firing rate for poor performance should be increased.

However, there can be no debate that the current firing rate is very low. In 2013 just 9,244 workers out of a civilian federal workforce of 1.87 million were fired for poor performance or misconduct, according to OPM data underlying this article by Eric Katz. That is a rate of just 0.49 percent, or 1 in 200 a year. Most federal firings are for misconduct, with a smaller share for poor performance.

The analysis found that firing rates by type of employee vary dramatically. Blue collar and lower GS levels (1-10) are many times more likely to be fired than higher GS levels (11-15) and those in the Senior Executive Service (SES). The GS 11-15 firing rate was just 0.14 percent, while the SES rate was just 0.09 percent. Just 7 out 7,940 SES employees got fired in 2013.

The rate of firing of GS 11-15 Treasury Department employees in 2013 was 0.11% (1 in 900), the fourth smallest rate among 18 federal agencies: 


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Is anyone besides me surprised to learn that Federal employees can be fired at all?

Posted by: Robert What? | Jun 9, 2014 2:03:37 PM