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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The IRS Scandal, Day 362

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The IRS is targeting a black conservative organization, apparently, because a black conservative "doesn't know his place." The head of the organization, shown below, received a letter from the IRS wanting more information on his 501(c)(3) application from 2012. He was worried that the letter might be bad news but now thinks it's not. Just wait until the IRS is through with him. Maybe he'll get approval after the 2016 election.

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives

"WHEN YOUR DAY COULD GO EITHER WAY" I just got back from checking the post office box & found THIS [letter from IRS] was in it awaiting me. I could be about to have an absolutely fantastic day (from this point forward), or, ...well,.... possibly not so much.

[Later] Its neither good news nor bad. Its a request for more information. Our 501c3 application was submitted in October of 2012 and has been "pending" ever since. Apparently its made its way onto someone's desk and is finally being reviewed. That's the good news. The 'unknown' news is that they've asked for further explanation or clarification on a number of items. I take it as good news. At least we know we're in the mix and moving forward.


Posted by: Woody | May 6, 2014 5:51:28 PM