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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

South Carolina Committee Rejects InfiLaw Purchase of Charleston Law School

Charleston LogoFollowing up on my prior posts (links below):  Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina Committee Rejects InfiLaw Purchase of Charleston School of Law:

The sale of the Charleston School of Law to a private, Florida-based company should be stopped, as the company's lower academic standards and lawsuits against it provide concerns about the company's health and the direction it would take the school, a majority of members on a state higher education panel said Monday.

The Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, part of the state's Commission on Higher Education, voted 3-1 to reject recommending a license for InfiLaw to operate the law school. The private, for-profit law school provider has sought to buy Charleston's 10-year-old private law school since last summer over the objection of many alumni and faculty.

The committee's rejection surprised students and alumni who had lobbied against the sale. The company needs an approval for a license from the state's Commission on Higher Education. Monday's vote will act as a guideline for the full, Higher Education Commission when it is expected to decide the issue on June 6.

A majority of the committee agreed with Natasha Hanna, a Myrtle Beach attorney who serves on the commission, that lawsuits against two of the company's schools could pose problems for the entity down the road.

Faculty members at the company's school in Arizona sued InfiLaw for breach of contract and defrauding students. Its school in Florida was sued for misrepresenting claims about its students' success and job placement.

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