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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Korb Presents Forty Years in Tax at Case Western

Korb (2014)Donald L. Korb (Partner, Sullivan & Cromwell; former IRS Chief Counsel) delivered the Norman A. Sugarman Memorial Lecture on 40 Years in Tax: A Look Backward (As Well As a Look Forward) at Case Western last week:

Don Korb has been involved in the practice of tax law for over 40 years, both as a private practitioner and as a tax administrator. His talk will be about how the U.S. federal income tax system has changed over his career and how the role of tax advisors/practitioners has evolved over that same time period. He will speak from the standpoint of someone who has moved back and forth between the private and public sectors and not only has sat on “both sides of the table” but has also occupied leadership positions at the IRS (Assistant to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in the mid-1980’s and Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service from April 2004 through December 2008) which allowed him to play a significant role in some of the changes to the tax system and the evolution of the role of tax advisors/practitioners which have occurred since he began practicing law in 1974.

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