Paul L. Caron

Friday, March 21, 2014

The IRS Scandal, Day 316

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It is a stretch to draw an analogy between the Iran-Contra affair and the current IRS scandal involving targeting of conservative tax-exempts. A more appropriate reference would have been to the obituary of Randolph Thrower, the Republican IRS Commissioner fired by Nixon for not targeting people on Nixon’s “enemies list.” This is no Profile in Courage moment for Holder, Lerner, Wilkins, Miller and company. The scandal is about the politicizing the IRS, regardless of party affiliation.

Posted by: TexEcon | Mar 21, 2014 7:55:16 AM

“[Cruz] cited past examples in which attorneys general appointed special prosecutors to investigate Watergate under President Richard Nixon and the Monica Lewinsky scandal under President Bill Clinton.” High irony on the day the obituary of Lawrence Walsh appeared in WaPo. Walsh, a died-in-the-wool Republican, had been appointed an independent counsel to investigate Pres. Reagan’s arms-for-hostages deal, a/k/a the Iran-Contra scandal. Although Walsh indicted and prosecuted several WH officials, he gave Pres. Reagan a pass–perhaps due to Reagan’s deteriorating mental condition in the latter part of his presidency. None of that bothered the right wing then--or now.

Posted by: Publlius Novus | Mar 21, 2014 6:21:01 AM