Paul L. Caron

Saturday, December 21, 2013

NY Times: Breadwinner Moms, Caregiving Dads

Mr. MomFollowing up on my previous post, NY Times: High-Achieving Women Increasingly Have Stay-at-Home Husbands:  New York Times Letter to the Editor:  Breadwinner Moms, Caregiving Dads, by Tax Prof Leigh Osofsky (Miami):

While your article nominally discussed both stay-at-home fathers and their working partners, it, like so many others, focused on the story and struggles of stay-at-home fatherhood. The article did not highlight the relative isolation that breadwinner mothers experience.

They must carve out work time to do things like pump breast milk and be present enough to be treated as the mother of the children by the school, community and family members, while still experiencing some judgment and exclusion from these networks based on the assumption of mothers as the primary caregivers.

As a breadwinner mother with a phenomenal stay-at-home husband, I appreciate the value of and challenges facing stay-at-home fathers. But changing a history of gendered parenting roles is difficult. I wish The Times would include more on the challenges facing breadwinner mothers as part of the narrative.

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