Paul L. Caron

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Gifts for that Special Tax Person

Card FanContinuing a TaxProf Blog holiday tradition, I will offer some gift ideas for that special tax person in your life. Today's suggestion is from Derek Muller (Pepperdine):  figurines and trading cards for all U.S. Supreme Court Justices:

Patric Verrone. (For background, see this 2009 Wired interview here.) Mr. Verrone has developed a number of Marx-like historical figures, including a remarkable feat: every justice in the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. ... Each figure is just under 3 inches in height and includes a gold-colored base with name. ...Mr. Verrone includes baseball cards with a brief biographical sketch of each justice. (For instance, I didn't know that Justice Story argued Fletcher v. Peck in the United States Supreme Court.)

Unfortunately, Mr. Verrone does not offer figurines and trading cards for Tax Court Judges.

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