Paul L. Caron

Friday, December 20, 2013

Canada Approves First Christian Law School Despite Opposition Over Student Code of Conduct Prohibiting Gay 'Sexual Intimacy'

TWUTrinity Western University School of Law, press release:

Trinity Western University is pleased to announce the BC Ministry of Advanced Education has approved the TWU School of Law. Two days ago the University announced the approval from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. With these two approvals, TWU will now move forward with development of the School of Law with the planned first class to commence in 2016. ...

“It needs to be said,” said President Kuhn, “that all students (gay or straight) are welcome to attend Trinity Western University, providing they meet our academic requirements and agree to respect our community values. Like most religious communities, we have established a set of values and principles to guide our daily lives; ours are in a manner consistent with Christian teaching. Chief among those values is to show love and respect for all people at all times.”

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