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Saturday, November 2, 2013

More Sordid Allegations Against Case Western Law School Dean

MitchellFollowing up on my previous post, Case Western Law Prof Sues Dean for Retaliation for Reporting Sexual Harassment of Students and Staff:

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Former Case Western Reserve University Employee Speaks About New Allegations Against the University and Law School Dean:

The Case Western Reserve University Law professor who sued the university and Law School Dean Lawrence Mitchell [right] last week ramped up the allegations today in a new court filing.

Professor Raymond Ku's lawsuit contends that Mitchell retaliated against him for reporting potentially inappropriate sexual conduct -- and that university officials refused to do anything about it. ...

Included in the amended complaint are allegations that another professor -- called Professor 6 -- was told by a student in confidence that Mitchell had propositioned a student for a "threesome."

In addition, the complaint outlines a letter a law school employee, called Administrative Staff Member 3, sent to university administrators detailing that Mitchell had a sexual relationship with a student and was retaliating against the staff member because he knew about it. ...

Dubé also complained that Mitchell would talk about his sex life and inquire about Dubé's sex life. At one point, according to the complaint, after one of the numerous student and staff parties at the dean's home, Mitchell tried to engage Dubé and his date in a "threesome" and pointed out a guestroom with new Chinese silk sheets.

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At least you can't say he wasn't consulting the faculty (see story below).

Posted by: michael livingston | Nov 3, 2013 3:40:35 AM

Uh.....Cleveland rocks?

Posted by: andy | Nov 2, 2013 1:11:25 PM