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Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Purpose Driven Sunday

PhotoMy wife, daughter, and I (and our house guest) drove 80 miles yesterday to hear Rick Warren preach at Saddleback Church.  The trip was at the top of my Southern California to-do list, as I had read Warren's wonderful book, The Purpose Driven Life (the best-selling book in American history, apart from the Bible) at the inauguration of my time in a men's group in Cincinnati.

We heard an incredibly moving message on Surrender: The Path to Peace, part of a series on The Six Phases of Grief, as Warren and his wife Kay spoke about how they have dealt with the suicide of their 27 year old son Matthew four months ago, ending a life-long struggle with mental illness. It was an especially timely message for us, as the Pepperdine community is still reeling from this month's tragedy involving the Adamson family.

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