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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The New Republic: How to Fix Law Schools: Six Experts Weigh In

TNRThe New Republic:  How to Fix Law School: Six Experts Tell Us What They'd Change:

On The New Republic's cover this week, Noam Scheiber chronicles the looming economic collapse of the legal profession. This will come as bad news for the thousands of people who each year take out towering student loans to join that profession. And it also ought to scare the people who run America's law schools, which once sold themselves in large part by promising graduates a safe place in the elite. With that in mind, we reached out to law professors, writers, and practitioners for thoughts on how to improve law school. 

  • Paul Campos (Professor, University of Colorado School of Law), Stop Unlimited Loaning to Law School Students
  • Mark Chandler (General Counsel, Cisco Systems), Let Students Intern for Money and Credit
  • Alan Dershowitz (Professor, Harvard Law School), Make Law School “Two Years-Plus”
  • Mike Kinsley (Editor-at-Large, The New Republic), Lose the Socratic Method
  • David Lat (Founder & Managing Editor, Above the Law), Make a Post-College Gap Mandatory
  • Dahlia Lithwick (Senior Editor, Slate), Fewer People Should Go to Law School—and More Should Drop Out

UpdateABA Journal, Above the Law, Brian Leiter.

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This sounds like a rare thoughtful treatment of this issue.

Posted by: michael livingston | Jul 24, 2013 12:34:48 AM