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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The IRS Scandal, Day 58

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On May 14th, the Justice Department opened a criminal probe into the IRS's political targeting. As of July 6th, fifty-three days have passed without Justice interviewing the targeted groups or reporting any findings. Yet, the left-wing media seems to "know" that the scandal has "evaporated into nothing." The administration's media lackeys do know what to expect from Holder's Justice Department -- drag it out until it's old news, then let it disappear completely. Justice is not available for this administration's political opponents.

Posted by: Woody | Jul 6, 2013 12:34:10 PM

The Maddow Blog: For what it's worth, GOP lawmakers appear to be giving up. ... I guess we'll be hearing more about Benghazi again, then?

Ha Ha Ha! Yeah, let's mock conservatives and make a big joke out of Benghazi, because only four embassy employees, including our ambassador, were abandoned by the President and left to be brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists. Such is the classlessness of the Left.

They would claim that Bush left Libya in such bad shape that if it hadn't been for Obama the murder of the ambassador would have been much worse! At least under Jimmy Carter none of our embassy hostages were murdered.

Posted by: Woody | Jul 6, 2013 11:04:46 AM

Washington Post: "Despite widespread evidence this wasn’t politically motivated — as well as signs it may have been justified...."

Got to love how investigative reporting has dissolved since Watergate and that the paper is now doing the stonewalling for the administration.

Posted by: Woody | Jul 6, 2013 10:50:00 AM