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Monday, July 8, 2013

More on Ken Randall, Alabama, and InfiLaw

RandallFollowing up on last week's post, Alabama Dean Ken Randall Is Retiring This Week, Will Join Private Equity Firm:  Paul Horwitz (Alabama), Oulde Fields, New Corn-cerns:

I've been on the road this week with my family, so I apologize for not having said anything yet about the resignation of my dean, Ken Randall, or his new position at InfiLaw. I've seen a couple of comments elsewhere suggesting that this deserved more attention than it had gotten so far. I think that's quite right. (On both sides. I was surprised that the scamblog types didn't write more about it this week as well.) In any event, given that I teach at Alabama and have written some about law school issues, it seemed right that I should say something, at least. Some added reason for doing so certainly is supplied by Paul Campos's post about this, which I heard about at The Faculty Lounge. As usual, I think he makes a good and legitimate point among several weaker ones....

I do think the two events are distinct. Praising Dean Randall for his work at Alabama doesn't require us to have no concerns about InfiLaw. Having doubts about InfiLaw doesn't require us to be silent about Ken's many accomplishments to date. That people who worked with him over two decades made our appreciation known this week shouldn't be cause for surprise or criticism. But the fact that he went from that job to this very different new venture is certainly noteworthy. It's fair if that includes concern or criticism.

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The one thing I wonder about with the guy in that picture is whether someone really does legal research with not only a suit jacket on but with a pocket hanky?

Posted by: Kipper | Jul 8, 2013 5:35:11 AM