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Monday, July 15, 2013

ABA Accreditation Committee Recommends Dilution of Faculty Tenure, Punts on Toughening Bar Passage Requirement

ABA Logo 2ABA Journal:  Keep Job Protections for Law School Faculty, ABA Committee Recommends:

An ABA committee has voted to recommend that the law school accreditation standards be amended to require that law schools provide some form of security of position short of tenure to all full-time faculty members.

But the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar’s Standards Review Committee, which met Friday and Saturday in Chicago, also voted to give the section’s governing council -- which must approve any changes in the standards -- three other ways of dealing with the whole tenure issue:

  • One would keep a cleaned-up version of the current standard, which is widely understood to require tenure or a comparable form of security of position for all full-time faculty, except for clinical professors and legal-writing instructors.
  • Another would require law schools to provide all full-time faculty members the same job protections, irrespective of academic field or teaching methodology.
  • The third would eliminate any job security requirements from the standards altogether.

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