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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Posner, Becker Debate Tax Reform

Richard Posner, Tax Reform:

There is a good deal of dissatisfaction with the federal tax system (the state and local systems as well, but I’ll confine my attention to the federal). Most proposals for reform, however good in theory, are totally impractical from a political standpoint. But since politics is volatile, there is value to evaluating such proposals in order to lay a foundation for future reform. ...

Given political resistance, the practical feasibility of substantial tax reform is very limited. But at least a modest increase in federal income tax rates seems a politically feasible as well as economically defensible response to the need to increase federal revenue to cope with the fiscal deficit.

Gary Becker, Reform of the Tax Code:

The federal tax code is a mess from any economic perspective. It is not efficient, fair, or clear. A complete set of suggestions to improve the tax system would take hundreds of pages, as did the excellent 2005 Report of the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform. My discussion will concentrate on a few of the needed changes that would help stimulate a more efficient and faster growing American economy. ...

I discussed the most needed reforms, although other reforms are also desirable-many are considered in the report mentioned above on federal tax reform. Unfortunately, major reforms do not have much chance of enactment in the present political climate, but they are longer run goals that should appeal to both Democrats and Republicans.

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