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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tulane Hosts Tax Roundtable Today in New Orleans

Tulane LogoTulane hosts its annual Tax Roundtable today:

The Tulane Tax Roundtable brings together tax scholars from around the country, resident Tulane Faculty, and Tulane students for discussion and debate about important tax policy issues of our time. The roundtable showcases the drafts and works-in-progress of its participants and subjects these works to rigorous analysis in a discussant-driven workshop format.

James Alm (Tulane) & Jay Soled (Rutgers Business School), The Internal Revenue Code and Automobiles: A Case Study of Taxpayer Noncompliance
DiscussantPhilip Hackney (LSU)

Terrence Chorvat (George Mason), The Failure of the Facebook IPO and a Justification for Debt-Equity Tax Distinction
DiscussantSteven Sheffrin (Tulane)

Tessa Davis (Tulane), Two Households Both Alike in Dignity: Family as Status and Family as Contract in the Tax Code
DiscussantLori McMillan (Washburn)

Lori McMillan (Washburn), Noncharitable Nonprofit Organizations in Canada: An Empirical Examination
DiscussantJames Alm (Tulane)

Ajay Mehrotra (Indiana), Sharing the Burden: Law, Politics, and the Making of the Modern American Fiscal State, 1880-1930
DiscussantMarjorie Kornhauser (Tulane)

Shu-Yi Oei (Tulane), Taxing in the Shadow of Bankruptcy Law: The Collections Case for Tax Priority
DiscussantAjay Mehrotra (Indiana)

Steven Sheffrin (Tulane), What Role Can Desert Play in Designing Tax Policies?
DiscussantNancy Staudt (USC)

Nancy Staudt (USC) & Victor Fleischer (Colorado), The Supercharged IPO
DiscussantTerrence Chorvat (George Mason)

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