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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Townsend: Federal Tax Crimes, 2013

Tax CrimesJohn A. Townsend (Houston), Federal Tax Crimes, 2013:

This is the 2013:01 edition of the Federal Tax Crimes book that I started many years ago for use in a Tax Fraud and Money Laundering course at the University of Houston Law School. With some colleagues, we substantially revised that earlier version into a separately targeted book, titled Tax Crimes published by LexisNexis. The full title of the LexisNexis book is John Townsend, Larry Campagna, Steve Johnson and Scott Schumacher, Tax Crimes (LexisNexis Graduate Tax Series 2008).

This pdf text offered here is a self-published version of my original text that I have kept up since publication of the LexisNexis book. The LexisNexis book is more suitable for students in a classroom setting and is targeted specifically for graduate tax students. This pdf book I make available here is not suitable for students in a class setting, but is more suitable for lawyers in practice, covering far more topics and with far more detail and footnotes that may be helpful to the busy practitioner. It cannot be used fruitfully for the target audience of the LexisNexis book.

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