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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pepperdine/Tax Analysts Symposium Wrap-Up: Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration

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Thanks to everyone who participated in Friday's Pepperdine/Tax Analysts Symposium on Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration. By any measure, it was spectacular success. We smashed attendance records, as Pepperdine had to open two overflow rooms to handle the crowds. Over 600 people have watched the video of the event:

Each and every one of our tax academics, practitioners, journalists, and authors did a first-rate job:

  • Keynote Address:  Michael Graetz (Columbia)
  • Papers:  Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan), Steve Bank (UCLA), Dorothy Brown (Emory), Karen Burke (San Diego/Florida), Paul Caron (Cincinnati/Pepperdine), Allison Christians (McGill), Francine Lipman (UNLV), Ed McCaffery (USC), Grayson McCouch (San Diego/Florida), Susan Morse (UC-Hastings), Jim Repetti (Boston College), Kirk Stark (UCLA), Marty Sullivan (Tax Analysts), Eric Zolt (UCLA)
  • Commentators:  Bruce Bartlett (former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary for Economic Policy), Bob Goulder (Tax Analysts), David Miller (Cadwalader), Michael Schler (Cravath), Joe Thorndike (Tax Analysts)
  • Moderators:  Tom Bost (Pepperdine), David Brunori (Tax Analysts), Paul Caron (Cincinnati/Pepperdine), Khrista Johnson (Pepperdine)
  • Luncheon and Closing Addresses:  David Cay Johnston (author and journalist)

The papers will be published in the Pepperdine Law Review (Volume 40, Issue 5 (May 2013)), and I will of course post the links on TaxProf Blog as soon as they are available. In the meantime, seven of the papers are available in draft form on SSRN.

My special thanks to Deanell Tacha (Dean of Pepperdine Law School) and Chris Bergin (President of Tax Analysts) who agreed to co-sponsor the symposium. As Dean Tacha pointed out at Friday's dinner, the challenges facing legal education demand that we find creative ways to partner with other organizations. I believe that this symposium is a wonderful example of the benefits possible with such partnerships.

This is the third symposium I have organized, and I have participated in many others. I join the many speakers who began their remarks by praising the Pepperdine Law Review students for pulling off the best-run symposium that any of us have ever attended.  Many, many students provided tireless and cheerful service, but I want to give particular shout-outs to Editor in Chief Margot Parmenter and Symposium Editor Michael Wood.

It goes without saying that the gorgeous Pepperdine campus and Malibu weather provided a wonderful setting, but I knew it would be the people of this special law school who would make this a truly memorable experience for our guests. My lasting memory from the symposium will be the two "after-parties" my wife and I hosted at our home, where these leading lights of the tax world shared food, drink, conversation, and true community -- an unfortunately all too rare event in our hectic lives.

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