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Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Live Webcast Today: Pepperdine/Tax Analysts Symposium: Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration

Tax Symposium GraphicCheck out the free live webcast of the symposium on Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration beginning at 8:45 a.m. PST. And follow live tweets using the #ObamaTaxAdvice hashtag via @SoCalTaxProf, @PeppLawReview, and @TaxAnalysts. Questions for speakers can be tweeted to @PeppLawReview. 

Introduction and Welcome

  • Deanell Tacha (Dean, Pepperdine)
  • Chris Bergin (President, Tax Analysts)

Keynote Address:  Michael Graetz (Columbia)

Occupy the Tax Code:  The Buffett Rule, the 1%, and the Fairness/Growth Divide

Moderator:      David Brunori (Tax Analysts)

Papers:           Dorothy Brown (Emory), The 535 Report: A Pathway to Fundamental Tax Reform
                         Francine Lipman (UNLV), Access to Tax InJustice
                         Kirk Stark (UCLA) (with Eric Zolt (UCLA)), Tax Reform and the American Middle Class

Commentary:  Bruce Bartlett (New York Times), David Miller (Cadwalader, New York)

Estate and Gift Tax

Moderator:      Paul Caron (Cincinnati/Pepperdine)

Papers:           Ed McCaffery (USC), Distracted from Distraction by Distraction: Reimagining Estate Tax Reform
                         Grayson McCouch (San Diego), Who Killed the Rule Against Perpetuities?
                         Jim Repetti (BC) (with Paul Caron), Occupy the Tax Code: Using the Estate Tax to Reduce Inequality

Commentary:  Joe Thorndike (Tax Analysts)

Luncheon Address:   David Cay Johnston (author/journalist)

Business/International Tax #1

Moderator:     Tom Bost (Pepperdine)

Papers:          Steve Bank (UCLA), The Globalization of Corporate Tax Reform
                         Karen Burke (San Diego), Passthrough Entities: The Missing Link in Business Tax Reform
                         Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts)

Commentary:  Michael Schler (Cravath, New York)

Business/International Tax #2

Moderator:     Khrista McCarden (Pepperdine)

Papers:          Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan), Corporate and International Tax Reform: Proposals for the Second Obama Administration
                        Allison Christians (McGill), Putting the Reign Back in Sovereign: Advice for the Second Obama Administration
                        Susan Morse (UC-Hastings), The Transfer Pricing Regs Need a Good Edit

Commentary:  Robert Goulder (Tax Analysts)

Closing Remarks:  What Have We Learned Today?:   David Cay Johnston (author/journalist)

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