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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seton Hall Law School Offers 52% Tuition Discount to Fill Incoming 1L Class

Seton Hall LogoPress Release:  Seton Hall Law School Reduces Tuition by More than 50% for Eligible Students, Offering ‘A Private Legal Education at a Public School Price’:

Seton Hall University has announced that it will extend its widely acclaimed merit-based tuition reduction program to its School of Law, reducing tuition by over 50% for eligible students. The tuition cuts for undergraduate students at Seton Hall University went into effect in 2012 and were recently extended for the 2013-14 academic year. The University will now extend the program further, offering “a private legal education at a public school price” to eligible incoming students at Seton Hall Law School, the only private law school in New Jersey. ...

For eligible incoming full-time first-year students, tuition at Seton Hall Law School will be reduced in the 2013-14 academic year [from $47,330] to $22,330. ...

  • To qualify for this tuition discount, students must have an LSAT score of 158 and higher and an undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or higher. ...
  • The tuition credit is based on Rutgers Law-Newark 2012-2013 in-state tuition rate for full-time students ($22,746) and part-time students ($20,856 – up to 11 credits, flat fee).
  • Students who matriculate under this program as incoming full-time students, will remain eligible for this tuition rate reduction for up to 3 years (6 semesters), provided that the student maintains a 2.80 cumulative GPA or remains in the top 75% of the class (whichever is more favorable to the student).

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What none of the posts I have read focus on is that Seton Hall Law School already substantially discounts its tuition:

The bottom of the above page shows that during the 2011-12 academic year, 65% of students received a scholarship, and that 50% of those receiving a scholarship received $33,000 or more. In other words, about 33% of students were already paying substantially less than half tuition. So, a 53% discount for above median students is likely a simple re-characterization of Seton Hall's current scholarship/tuition discounting practices.

Posted by: Law Prof | Dec 21, 2012 9:43:44 AM