Paul L. Caron

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tax Prof Wedding: Susannah Camic

Tax Prof Susannah Camic (Wisconsin) married Alex Tahk on September 22. The happy couple reports:

Alex and I met at UW-Madison's welcome reception for new faculty two years ago. Our academic interests are the converse of each others'. Alex is in the political science department, but spent a year in law school and works on judicial politics. I am of course at UW Law School, but spent a year in a political science Ph.D program and work on the politics of tax policy. We got married at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Madison, followed by a reception at a restaurant called the Old Feed Mill.

Attending the wedding were tax lawyers Bob Fahrenbach, Jeanne Fahrenbach, Melissa Galetto, Brian Jenn, Kristin Keeling and Laura Leitch; non-tax lawprofs Lisa Alexander, Ann Althouse, Rob Anderson, Steve Barkan, Tonya Brito, Andy Coan, Anuj Desai, Alex Huneeus, Cecelia Klingele, Michele LaVigne, Ion Meyn, Thomas Mitchell, John Ohensorge, Margaret Raymond, Joel Rogers, David Schwartz, Mitra Sharafi, Mark Sidel, Steph Tai, Bill Whitford and Jason Yackee; and political science profs John Ahlquist, Rick Avramenko, Rikhil Bhavnani, Barry Burden, John Coleman, Mark Copelovitch, Scott Gehlbach, Eunsook Jung, Dan Kapust, Helen Kinsella, Alex Kuo, Melanie Manion, Ken Mayer, Ryan Owens, Maggie Peters, Jon Pevehouse, Byron Shafer, Nadav Shelef, Scott Straus, Kathy Cramer Walsh, Jessica Weeks, David Weimer and Susan Yackee.


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