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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NLJ: Law Schools Promote Student Wellness

NLJNational Law Journal (Law Schools: A Special Report):  Just Breathe: Law Schools Seek the Cure for Stressed Out Students:

Law school can drive you crazy. We're only half-joking: Research suggests that by the 3L year, 40% of law students show signs of depression. Fortunately, educators are responding with programs intended to promote student 'wellness.' In our latest report, we look at the trend and also preview three newly opened law schools, and prominent attorneys offer budding law students the benefit of their experience.

How to Learn the Law Without Losing Your Mind
Some law schools recognize their duty to help students cope with legal education's unique challenges.

Yes, Law School is Competitive. You'll Want to Keep Up
Legal education is uniquely challenging, but don't let the hype overwhelm you. The workload is manageable if you keep a balanced perspective and implement smart strategies.

Law School Survival Guide
Hard as it may be for the struggling 1L to appreciate, it is possible to survive law school and build a rewarding career — whether in the law or not. Here's some advice from recovering law students who have managed this feat.

Yes, They're Still Opening Law Schools
Law school applications dipped by 25% during the past two years, but that didn't dissuade three new law schools from opening to students this fall. We take a look at the latest additions to the county's legal academy.

Advocacy From the Human Perspective
In transforming students into logical thinkers, law schools risk draining them of spontaneity and compassion.

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Doesn't this just make the realities of associate life even harder to bear? May as well get diagnosed early and overcome the Zoloft side effects during a school break.

Posted by: Scipio | Sep 18, 2012 10:47:01 AM