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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Law Schools Busted for Underreporting Student Debt Load by 63% - 234%

Three law schools have been busted for underreporting the amount of the average debt load of their 2011 graduates to the ABA and U.S. News:


Ave. Debt Reported

Actual Ave. Debt














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When will someone require Universities to have their books audited? For programs with a high price tag, the audit fees would be worth the cost.

Posted by: HTA | Aug 12, 2012 1:06:57 AM

"There is no noble institution so noble that it cannot lose its way or become corrupted."

Law schools have lost their way and become corrupted. I don't mean just that they have sold out for money, but they have lost their sense of mission and any internal sense of ethics. When the rewards for duping students into killer debt are so high, it takes men and women of conscience to stand up and say, "No--this is just too wrong and does too much damage and I cannot be part of it."

Instead we see Law School administrations and Financial Gravy Offices --I mean Financial Aid Offices--whining like the weaklings they are that "Everyone does it."

Just corrupt, that's all, like used car sales lots, like subprime mortgage pushers. Just creepy. Law schools, almost all of them, have become just creepy. Corrupt. Let's not mince words. They were once noble institutions, and they have lost their way. It can happen and it has happened. These devious law school creeps need to be challenged in public all the time, perhaps with the line, "How do we know you are not lying about your numbers?"

Posted by: Lowellguy | Aug 11, 2012 8:38:03 AM

Maybe we need a cap on tuition...AND salaries for top administrators.

Posted by: Jim Brock | Aug 11, 2012 6:48:22 AM

And that means what? More money to Universities. Would mean something to people if they lost accreditation for a year or 2. Need to start penalizing these colleges for falsifying data, studies, etc. in order to get all that Federal Money. Need to get the nuclear option like Penn state on these colleges and get them all to clean house on everything they do.

Posted by: Gary Astorino | Aug 10, 2012 7:55:35 AM