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Monday, August 20, 2012

Law Class of 2015 Will Have Six-Figure [Taxable] Income ... in 2035

The Law School Tuition Bubble:  Class of 2015 Law Grads Will Have Six-Figure Earnings After All, by Matt Leichter:

Certainly that’s what the IRS will tell them in 2035 when ED cancels their loan balances on IBR. Of course it won’t be real income; it’s non-negative income that they’ll never see but will have to pay income tax on nonetheless. Don’t worry though, after they wipe out their savings and take second mortgages on their houses (they will own houses, right?) they will learn the true value of higher education, to say nothing of the Social Security system they will depend on into their dotage.

This joke popped into my mind when the powers that be at the Federal Reserve opened their ecclesiastic doors and told us that six-figure student loan debt isn’t a problem and certainly not a national crisis.

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