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Thursday, August 9, 2012

IRS Releases 2010 Individual Income Tax Return Data

The IRS's Statistics of Income Division yesterday released Individual Income Tax Returns 2010 (Publication 1304):

  • Section 1 - Introduction and Changes in Law - In this section you will find information on filing requirements, changes in law, the 1979 income concept, and a comparison of adjusted gross income with the 1979 income concept
  • Section 2 - Description of the Sample - In this section you will find the following information concerning the sample: domain of study, sample design and selection, data capture and cleaning, method of estimation, sampling variability and confidence intervals, and table presentation.
  • Section 3: Basic Tables - The statistical tables found in this section are broken into the following groupings:
    Returns Filed and Sources of Income
    Exemptions and Itemized Deductions
    Tax Computation
  • Section 4 - Explanation of Terms - This section is designed to clarify the statistical content of this report. The definitions and explanation provide background or limitations to the titles used in the tables.
  • Table A - Selected Income and Tax Items for Selected Years, in Current and Constant 1990 Dollars

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