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Friday, July 13, 2012

Taxing Humphrey Bogart

BogartPrerna Rao, Note, What Would Humphrey Bogart Do?: An Overview of Federal Taxes as They Apply to the International Community of U.S. Nationals, 25 Quinnipiac Prob. L.J. 298 (2012):

Humphrey Bogart, sometimes known as Rick Blaine, arrives at the Mohammed V. International Airport near Casablanca, Morocco. Humphrey, who recently acquired a graduate degree in business, was assigned to the Moroccan branch of an American-owned company. His employer specializes in information technology, and has decided to expand its business and develop the market in this country. As the average employee deployed overseas for the first time, Humphrey, in his early thirties, has the time and energy to start his career in this new land. Humphrey fits the profile of a typical businessman involved in international trade. He will likely fall in love and marry while working. This Note analyzes the various and common tax liabilities incurred by Americans like Humphrey who travel and live abroad for work.

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