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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Top 5 Tax Paper Downloads

SSRNThere is quite a bit of movement in this week's list of the Top 5 Recent Tax Paper Downloads, with two new papers debuting on the list at #4 and #5:

1.  [1411 Downloads]  Death and Taxes and Zombies, by Adam Chodorow (Arizona State)

2.  [441 Downloads]  Corporate Shams, by Joshua D. Blank (NYU) & Nancy C. Staudt (USC)

3.  [177 Downloads]  New Life for the Death Tax, by Elizabeth Ruth Carter (LSU)
4.  [176 Downloads]  Making Voluntary Disclosures to the IRS, by John A. Townsend (Houston)
5.  [91 Downloads]  The Empire Strikes Out: The IRS & The Ambiguities of Tax Accounting, by Luke R. Hornblower (J.D. 2012, Loyola-L.A.)

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