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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Washington University Offers 'First and Only Top-Tier On-Line LL.M.' for Foreign Lawyers (for $48k)

Wash U LogoWashington University School of Law announced yesterday that it will begin offering a fully on-line LL.M. for foreign lawyers for $48,000.  The program is called @WashULaw, billed as "the first and only top-tier online LL.M. in U.S. law."  Washington University hopes to enroll more than 100 students per year in the program (which would generate $4.8 million of revenue).  Graduates of the program will be able to sit for the California bar exam.

Delivered through state-of-the-art online technologies, @WashULaw courses will integrate live classroom sessions with streaming video and self-paced content. In live classroom sessions, Washington University law faculty and @WashULaw students will “meet” at pre-arranged times for coursework discussions, study groups and face-to-face office hour meetings. The self-paced content offers students high-quality faculty-designed coursework, highly produced video content and an interactive social technology platform that allows students to chat, study and join communities with classmates and professors 24 hours a day. During the summer, @WashULaw students will be offered an intensive U.S. immersion program in St. Louis, Washington D.C. and other U.S. cities to experience U.S. law from inside U.S. courtrooms and law firms. 

@WashULaw is being directed by Melissa Waters, professor of law, and Tomea Mersmann, associate dean for strategic initiatives and lecturer in law. ... Washington University School of Law has partnered with the education technology company 2tor, Inc. to deliver @WashULaw. 2tor partners with leading higher education institutions to deliver rigorous, selective degree programs online by providing the technology platform, instructional design, marketing and infrastructure support.

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It's nice to know Wash U is still "top tier" whatever that means.

Posted by: michael livingston | May 10, 2012 3:14:16 AM

It means that if you you at their various institutions (undergraduate and graduate degree programs) you will see a university that routinely is among the top ranked schools. Because isn't that what "tiering" is about (where you rank in USNWR)?

But look at the undergrad, look at the law school, look at the med school, etc etc, and see what tier/rank they are in.

as a biased opinion, who thinks this ratings shenanigans has gone on all too long, i can say Wash U is a fine institution of learning, but if there is a way for another $ to be had they have no shame in offering you the opportunity to give it to them. and if Wash U can find a way to move up the rankings ladder they have no shame in doing what is within fair limits (such as increasing alumni contribution percentage) in order to step over someone else, Wash U will. And they are always on the look out for that $ and rung on the ladder. 24/7/365

Posted by: tax guy | May 13, 2012 8:25:41 AM