Paul L. Caron

Monday, May 21, 2012

How Much Are You Worth to Facebook?

FacebookCheck out this online tool to calculate your worth to Facebook:  at today's market price, I am supposedly worth $1,537 to Facebook ($1,876 if I start playing Zynga games).  As the saying goes, If you're not paying for something, then you're not the customer—you're the product being sold.  See also Forbes, Post Facebook IPO, Your Brain and its Data Are Worth $91.44 to Mark Zuckerberg:

Now that the dust has settled and Facebook has traded on NASDAQ for a day, it’s possible to gauge more precisely than ever before how much the company is worth, and with that number, how much of its value derives from its relationship with each of the 900 million people who visit the site on a regular basis, gaze at and click on its ads, and feed its databases with some of their most private bits of information.

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