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Saturday, March 31, 2012

15th Annual Critical Tax Conference Concludes Today at Seton Hall

Critical Tax Page 1 FinalThe 15th Annual Critical Tax Conference concludes today at Seton Hall:

Luncheon Speaker:  David Cay Johnston (Reuters)

Panel #5:

  • Tracy Kaye (Seton Hall) (moderator)
  • Henry M. Ordower (Saint Louis), Schedularity in U.S. Taxation, its Effect on Tax Distribution, and Comparison with Sweden
  • Rifat Azam (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya), The Israeli Taxation of Couples
  • Lynn Lu (NYU), Beyond Watchdogs, Whistleblowers, and Scapegoats: Pushing the Limits of Social Justice Reform through Federal Tax Exemption for Public Charities

Panel #6:  Incubator Session

  • Iris Goodwin (Tennessee) (moderator)
  • Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore), The Problem with a Federal Inheritance Tax
  • Phyllis Smith (Florida A & M), Exploding Economic Inequality and the Failure of the Wealth Tax
  • Joshua D. Blank (NYU), Collateral Compliance
  • Danshera Cords (Albany), Collaborative Rulemaking: Lessons for Tax Regulation and Administration
  • Kerry Ryan (Saint Louis), Collateral Estoppel in Tax Cases

Panel #7:

  • Bridget Crawford (Pace) (moderator)
  • Alice G. Abreu (Temple) & Richard K. Greenstein (Temple), Developing a Jurisprudence of Values; Embracing Critical Tax
  • Bobby L. Dexter (Chapman), Interest Indenture of the Talented Tenth: Student Loans, Home Equity Debt, and the Desperate Race to Win
  • Nancy Staudt (USC), Grey Divorces the Future

Panel #8:  Incubator Session


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