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Monday, February 20, 2012

National Jurist: Dean Sager's $4.65 Million in Forgivable Loans to Law Profs 'Ripped Apart' Texas Faculty

TexasFollowing up on my prior posts (links below): A Talent Race Turned Ugly, National Jurist, Feb. 2012, at 16:

Larry Sager's departure as Dean of the University of Texas School of Law at Austin has left many in legal education with their mouths agape. But not because it was surprising that the New Yorker ruffled feathers or even that he was giving out forgivable loans to attract top professorial talent. What surprised the rest of legal academia was the size of the gifts. ... Sager, who was dean for the past five years, handed out 22 loans totaling $4.65 million:

  • Larry Sager: $500,000
  • Ronen Avraham: $450,000
  • Mark Spitzer: $350,000
  • Robert Bone: $300,000
  • Robert Chesney: $300,000
  • Dan Rodriguez: $300,000
  • Abraham Wickelgren: $300,000
  • David Adelman: $250,000
  • Oren Bracha: $250,000
  • Justin Driver: $250,000
  • Linda Mullenix: $250,000
  • Gerald Torres: $200,000
  • Willie Foorbath: $200,000

Law professors were outraged over the loans, and the divisiveness over the issue was tearing the faculty apart. ...

Linda Mullenix, who had been at Texas for 20 years, sued  the school in 2010, alleging sex discrimination over unfair compensation. An overwhelming majority of the top salaries were dished out to men over women in the 2010 to 2011 school year. ... [O]ut of the top 25 salaries, which ranged from $351,715 down to $281,077, just four of the top 25 salaries went to female faculty members.

The university settled with Mullenix and agreed to boost her annual compensation by $20,000 per year and provide her with a one-time loan of $250,000. She earned $327,205 in 2010-11.

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These are the same people who are lecturing us on the problems of law schools.

Posted by: mike livingston | Feb 22, 2012 3:26:52 AM

what the hell. I have to bust my ass 60 hours a week, minimum 6 days a week, not including commute, to make about $80k and frankly I realize I'm doing well for the average american.

what mix of greed and utter lack of ethics causes such despicable behavior, by people whose job is to educate our lawyers!

Posted by: anon | Feb 21, 2012 10:49:40 AM