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Friday, December 2, 2011

Angry Taxpayer Dumps Snakes in Tax Office

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"Snakes?! I hate snakes!"

Posted by: LTC John | Dec 5, 2011 7:01:12 AM

If a cobra bites a bureaucrat, which of them dies?

Posted by: ChurchSox | Dec 5, 2011 6:36:33 AM

Note that the Indian tax office does not even employ women.

So the worst socialism for India is yet to come!

Posted by: GK | Dec 4, 2011 6:56:03 PM

Those snake would have been out of their league in a US IRS office.

Posted by: willis | Dec 4, 2011 3:44:36 PM

"Don't Tread on Me"... And I really mean it! ;-)

Posted by: newton | Dec 4, 2011 3:06:33 PM

Yanno, that might work here too...

Cobras, even. Hope they weren't spitting cobras, that could be attempted murder. Seriously - or not - thanks for the chuckle. That was a GOOD fight-back against corrupt bureaucrats.

Posted by: Kathy Kinsley | Dec 4, 2011 3:05:42 PM

Those cobras won't bite the bureaucrats. Professional courtesy.

Posted by: The Animal | Dec 4, 2011 2:46:31 PM

Snakes on a Capital Gain!

Posted by: Bruce | Dec 4, 2011 2:02:43 PM

I'm sick and tired of these motherpuffing snakes in this motherpuffing tax office!

Posted by: Sam J. | Dec 4, 2011 1:53:13 PM

A happy ending, the snakes are now in their natural habitat, a tax collectors office.

Posted by: Rbrandt | Dec 4, 2011 1:20:58 PM

Now, that's an idea for quickly clearing the Occupy protesters from the parks.

Posted by: Woody | Dec 3, 2011 12:06:30 AM