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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Foundation Press Publishes First Amendment Stories

First AmendmentFoundation Press has published First Amendment Stories, by Richard W Garnett (Notre Dame) & Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern):

First Amendment Stories goes behind the scenes of landmark, foundational cases involving the fundamental freedoms of speech, religion, and the press. By filling in the details, setting the stage, and presenting fully the context, the text provides readers with a richer understanding of these cases, the people involved in them, and their implications for the future. Considered together, these stories highlight the leading themes and questions that have animated our legal doctrines, and our public conversations, about the conflicts that arise between the power and goals of government, on the one hand, and the liberty and conscience of the individual, on the other.

This Law Stories title will enrich First Amendment courses and help students appreciate the premises that animate the cases and the values that are at stake in religious-liberty and free-speech controversies, rarely captured fully by doctrinal presentations. This collection offers carefully selected and rich cases that involve real stories, which can themselves serve as points-of-entry to the many great, ongoing debates that run through our free-speech and religious-liberty traditions. These case stories offer the historical and political contexts and engage with the theoretical and practical implications, giving an understanding essential for any First Amendement student, practitioner, or scholar.

Other titles in the Law Stories Series (for which I serve as Series Editor) are:

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