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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conference on Empirical Tax Law Kicks Off Today at Colorado

Colorado Logo The two-day conference on Empirical Tax Law kicks off today at Colorado with these papers:
  • Joshua Blank (NYU) & Nancy Staudt (Northwestern), Corporate Tax Abuse in Court (Discussant: Leandra Lederman)
  • Victor Fleischer (Colorado) & Nancy Staudt (Northwestern), Do Elite Tax Lawyers Add Value? An Empirical Study of Tax Receivable Agreements (Discussant: Joshua Blank)
  • David Gamage (UC-Berkeley), Experimental Evidence of Tax Framing Effects on the Work/Leisure Decision (Discussant: Brian Galle)
  • Leandra Lederman (Indiana-Bloomington) & Dan Katz (Michigan), Which Cases Settle? A Large-Scale Empirical Study of Tax Court Cases (Discussant: Victor Fleischer)
  • Chris Sanchirico (Penn), Optimal Tax Policy and the Symmetries of Ignorance (Discussant: David Gamage)
  • Mike Simkovic (Seton Hall), Is the U.S. Tax System Justifiable? (Discussant: Victor Fleischer)

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