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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arbitrator: University Can't Fire Professor Convicted of Exposing Himself

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Bill, thank you for the link. It looked similar to the title above the video, which wasn't clickable so I stopped looking for more info. I should have looked more carefully.

Kudos to Milford Police Chief Fred Douglas for trying to do the right thing. Whether UNH did the right thing seems a bit cloudier although they did sign the union contract and apparently agreed to binding arbitration (perhaps as part of the contract). It certainly seems UNH is now damaged goods.

As to the court decision, I am simply amazed that the professor's action received such minor punishment.

> He received a $600 fine and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and attend 10 hours of counseling.
> Larkin does not have to register as a sex offender.

Posted by: John | Jul 2, 2011 5:01:18 PM

Before I gave my first academic talk an older professor came up to me and gave me this important piece of advice, "always make sure you fly is zipped." Looks like this guy missed the memo.

Posted by: Bob_R | Jul 2, 2011 1:11:20 PM

The arbitrator's name who reinstated the UNH professor is Michael Ryan, as reported by the Manchester Union leader.

Posted by: Bill Darcy | Jul 2, 2011 1:11:03 PM

Well I know that's a relief for many of us.

Posted by: amen johnson | Jul 2, 2011 1:09:23 PM

So the guy should never work again? Then we can support him on welfare? I never understood the idea that because someone does something reprehensible outside of work, they should lose their means of making a living. And then what, he gets a job somewhere else?

What's the point of having a criminal justice system if others are expected to take the law into their own hands?

Posted by: RPD | Jul 2, 2011 10:39:13 AM

Wouldn't he have to register as a sex offender? And if so, I would imagine that some of the students at UNH would be under 18, and therefore he could not be around them?

Posted by: WJW | Jul 2, 2011 10:11:58 AM

The story is missing one important piece of information: the name of the arbitrator. People needing arbitration services might wish to avoid using an arbitrator with such poor judgment.

Posted by: John | Jul 2, 2011 10:04:23 AM

Moral relativism rears it's head: "if you use state law as a benchmark this was no moral deficiency of a grave order". Exactly the type of self-defeating reasoning one would expect from a university professor's union.

Posted by: Nix | Jul 2, 2011 9:36:15 AM

Drain the swamp. Defund them and repeal their tax exemptions. Devil take the hindmost.

Posted by: Walter Sobchak | Jul 2, 2011 9:33:02 AM

With the free publicity and resulting name recognition he's gotten he should run for Congress ...

Posted by: Vesperado | Jul 2, 2011 8:28:17 AM

Is this a full disclosure issue? A raid on no longer hidden assets? Trading in naked options?
The mind reels.

Posted by: BlogDog | Jul 2, 2011 8:25:38 AM

Time for whatever student registers for his class in the spring to find some grounds to sue on. Maybe personal endangerment or something based on his history? No idea what's possible, but someone needs to get creative. That or just register for the class and hold up a sign that says "pervert" for the whole semester.

Posted by: William | Jul 2, 2011 7:53:03 AM

So, Rahm Emanuel should have no problem being hired as a professor.

Posted by: Woody | Jul 1, 2011 8:32:02 AM

You know taxprof is getting raunchy when you need to download an Adobe player to read it.

Posted by: mike livingston | Jul 1, 2011 6:31:12 AM