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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

6th Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop Concludes Today at UC-Irvine

Tax Eater The Sixth Annual Junior Tax Scholars Workshop concludes today at UC-Irvine with these papers:

Panel #5: Distributive Justice

  • Ilan Benshalom (Hebrew University), How To Redistribute
  • Commenters: Phyllis Smith (Florida A&M), Adam Rosenzweig (Washington U.)
  • Sarah Lawsky (UC-Irvine), Modeling
  • Commenters: Shannon McCormack (UC-Hastings), Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn)

Panel #6: International Tax

  • Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn), On the Constitutionality of Tax Treaties
  • Commenters: Ilan Benshalom (Hebrew University), Ben Leff (American)
  • Adam Rosenzweig (Washington U.), Taking Sovereignty Seriously
  • Commenters: Lilian Faulhaber (Miami), David Gamage (UC-Berkeley)
  • Susan Morse, Tax Imperialism
  • Commenters: Rachelle Holmes (George Mason), Brian Galle (Boston College)

Panel 7: Tax Policy

  • Phyllis Smith (Florida A&M), Change We Can’t Believe In…Or Afford: Why the Timing Is Wrong To Reduce the Estate Tax for the Wealthiest Americans
  • Commenter: Leigh Osofsky (Miami)
  • Rachelle Holmes (George Mason), The New Shaming Taxes: No Sin Left Behind
  • Commenters: Joshua Blank (NYU), Anders Christiansen (Loyola-L.A.)
  • Ben Leff (American), Advanced Tax Policy Seminar Course Description
  • Commenters: Phyllis Smith (Florida A&M), Susan Morse (UC-Hastings)

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