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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tax Prof Moves, 2011-2012

VAP Hires

  • Kathleen Delaney Thomas (Cooley, New York) to NYU (2011-12)
  • Allen Madison (Idaho VAP) to Wyoming (2011-12)

Entry Level Hires

  • Steven Arsenault (Charlotte VAP) to Charlotte
  • Cassady ("Cass") Brewer (Morris, Manning & Martin, Atlanta) to Georgia State
  • John Brooks (Harvard Climenko Fellow) to Georgetown
  • Jim Butler (Holme Roberts & Owen, Denver) to New Mexico
  • Emily Cauble (Illinois VAP) to Michigan State
  • Diane Lourdes Dick (Bilzin Sumberg, Miami) to Seattle
  • William Foster (Washburn VAP) to Washburn
  • Itai Grinberg (U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Tax Policy) to Georgetown
  • Andy Grewal (Arizona State VAP) to Iowa
  • Philip Hackney (IRS Office of Chief Counsel) to LSU
  • Erin Hawley (King & Spalding, Washington, D.C.) to Missouri-Columbia
  • Mark Hoose (Intel Corp., Santa Clara) to San Diego
  • Khrista McCarden (Morgan Lewis, London) to Pepperdine
  • Leigh Osofsky (NYU VAP) to Miami
  • Bret Wells (BJ Services Corp., Houston) to Houston

Lateral Moves

  • Steve Johnson (UNLV) to Florida State
  • Jeff Kahn (Washington & Lee) to Florida State
  • Michelle Kwon (Texas Tech) to Tennessee
  • Tanina Rostain (New York Law School) to Georgetown
  • Andre Smith (Florida-International) to Widener-Delaware
  • Nancy Staudt (Northwestern) to USC

Promotions, Tenures, Chairs, and Professorships

  • Eleanor Weston Brown (Regent) to Associate Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Allison Christians (Wisconsin) to Associate Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Meredith Conway (Suffolk) to Associate Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Heather Field (UC-Hastings) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Terri Lynn Helge (Texas-Wesleyan) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Rich Lavoie (Akron) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Lloyd Mayer (Notre Dame) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Ann Murphy (Gonzaga) to Professor of Law
  • Dennis Ventry (UC-Davis) to Professor of Law with Tenure

Administrative Appointments

  • Craig Boise (DePaul) to Dean (Cleveland-Marshall)
  • Tony Infanti (Pittsburgh) to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Stephen Mazza (Kansas) to Dean 


  • Stephen Black (New Hampshire) to BYU (Fall 2011)
  • Karen Burke (San Diego) to Florida (Spring 2012)
  • Dorothy Brown (Emory) to georgetown (2011-12)
  • Paul Caron (Cincinnati) to Pepperdine (Spring 2012), San Diego (Summer 2012)
  • Nina Crimm (St. John's) to Kentucky (Fall 2011)
  • David Elkins (Netanaya College School of Law, Israel) to SMU (Fall 2011)
  • Cliff Fleming (BYU) to Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (April 2012)
  • Brian Galle (Boston College) to Urban/Brookings Tax Policy Center (Fall 2011)
  • Brant Hellwig (South Carolina) to Washington & Lee (Fall 2011)
  • Tracy Kaye (Seton Hall) to Indiana-Bloomington (Fall 2011)
  • Rebecca Kysar (Brooklyn) to Columbia (Spring 2012)
  • Francine Lipman (Chapman) to UNLV (Fall 2011)
  • Ruth Mason (UConn) to Virginia (Spring 2012)
  • Grayson McCouch (San Diego) to Florida (Spring 2012)
  • Nicholas Mirkay (Widener-Delaware) to Creighton (2011-12) 
  • Sergio Pareja (New Mexico) to Universidad de Rey Juan Carlos, Spain (2011-12)
  • Randle B. Pollard (Widener-Harrisburg) to Indiana University, Kelley School of Business (Fall 2011)
  • Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore) to California Western (Fall 2011)
  • David Walker (BU) to Harvard (Spring 2012)
  • Steven Willis (Florida) to University of Warsaw, Poland (Jan. 2012)
  • Richard WInchester (Thomas Jefferson) to l’Université du 7 Novembre à Carthage, Tunisia (Spring 2012) 

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