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Friday, April 15, 2011

Jon Stewart on President Obama's 'Spending Reductions in the Tax Code'

What? "Spending reductions in the tax code"? The tax code isn't where we spend, it's where we collect, and that.... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I guess what you said is tax "code", code for raising taxes. You managed to talk about a tax hike as a spending reduction. Can we afford that and the royalty checks you're going to have to send to George Orwell? That's the weirdest way of... just say "tax hike"! That's like saying, "I'm not going on a diet, I'm going to add calories to my excluded food intake!" (Hat Tip: Kirk Stark.)

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Stewart's always been an equal opportunity lampooner and he doesn't hesitate to make fun of his own party. While he's undoubtably left-of-center, this fiscal conservative believes that he contributes a lot more to America than most of the "people who actually contribute something positive". I'm not exactly sure what's wrong with "people like him".

Posted by: ry | Apr 18, 2011 6:55:10 AM

Come now are we truly surprised?
Intellectual dishonesty is one of the pillars of Leftism.
Racism & Identity Politics is another of Leftism's main pillars.

Posted by: lobo | Apr 16, 2011 5:08:17 PM

Speaking as someone who cares about language and thinks the purpose of political speech is to (A) inform and (B) persuade - this phrase bothers me a great deal. I can not understand what it means. Who was this speech intended for? Is it the case that the president thinks the purpose of political speech is to say things in such a way that few listeners actually understand what he means?

I believe this quote is "on point" - Analects of Confucius, book 13, verse 3:

"If we don't use the correct words, we live public lies. If we live public lies, the political system is a sham. When the political system is a sham, civil order and refinement deteriorate. When civil order and refinement deteriorate, injustice multiplies. As injustice multiplies, eventually the electorate is paralyzed by public lawlessness."

Posted by: Colin Glassey | Apr 16, 2011 12:50:19 PM

As a fiscal conservative, I would have absolutely no problem taxing the living sh.. out of "people like him."

The problem arises when the same tax rates hit people who actually contribute something positive to the country and its economy.

Posted by: Barry D | Apr 16, 2011 11:45:24 AM

govt revenue, based on % of source...
belgium, 29.3%.
france, 17.5%.
uk, 29.5%.
germany, 24.5%.
EU average, 25.1%.

The US?

all during the healthcare debate, we heard how we should look to europe. europe's secret tax sauce?

they expand their tax base...a euphemism for a flat tax, which affects every individual, regardless their income.

the us is at the top of all other countries, where the rich pay more in taxes, and the poor pay nothing. obama's plan to redistribute the wealth?

already happening here, and far more efficently than our 'betters' in europe.

Posted by: mark l. | Apr 16, 2011 10:24:06 AM