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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Johnson: The Fiscal Commission Has Forgotten Its Role

Tax AnalystsCalvin H. Johnson (Texas) has published The Fiscal Commission Has Forgotten Its Role, 129 Tax Notes 921 (Nov. 22, 2010):

The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is tasked with reducing the deficit to avoid an impending budget catastrophe. Instead it is proposing lower corporate tax rates and a wasteful research and development program at a time when we need more revenue. We also need some new ideas to make the tax system fairer, more efficient, and more comprehensive. The commission’s final report would also benefit from the discipline of a distributional table, because its proposals appear to shift the tax burden downward. In the coming crisis, it is the wealthy who will need to make sacrifices.

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Silly me, of course the answer is to soak those evil, nasty rich people!! Thanks Professor Johnson!!

Why would those fools on the Deficit Commission try to incentivize the private sector to grow our economy when we can just raise taxes instead? We sure do need a more "comprehensive" tax system instead of less government spending...

Posted by: Todd | Nov 24, 2010 6:07:22 AM