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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Basis: The Basics

Tax Basis
Tax Basis: What It Is & Why It Matters

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Trucks and other capital equipment seldom appreciate, even with fabulous maintenance.

Like cars, they lose value when driven off the showroom floor -- perhaps not as rapidly but they depreciate nonetheless. As technological progress continues, they move toward obsolescence and require more and more maintenance as time goes on.

Buildings don't appreciate either. What rises in value is land, and it rises for reasons with little or nothing to do with the activity or inactivity of the owner or occupant, and everything to do with the activity and investment of the community.

Farmers might be an exception: in the early years, they make improvements to land -- clearing it, fencing it, draining or irrigating it, maintaining or increasing its fertility through good care -- but generally most of any increase in value comes from public investment in roads, highways, bridges, utilities, schools, and other public goods and services, often an effect of advancing sprawl.

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